Edith Macefield Superstar

Edith Macefield's vacant home in Ballard will soon have a new owner.  The late owner's to sell resonates with people who have left this celebration and memorial to her.

Thursday March 23, 2015.

In the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, there’s a tiny single family home squished between two giant grey buildings, known as the Up House. The 108 year-old house belonged to Edith Macefield, who turned down an offer of allegedly $1 million dollars, to make room for commercial development. The nickname originated when Disney attached balloons to… Read More

Little Nihonmachi Time Capsule


I’ve always been captivated by Japan as I grew up with Japanese cartoons and Japanese culture in general: their tea ceremony, their Lolita style, their obsession with tentacles, all of their art and ALL of their kawaii stuff. So when i heard the last original Japanese bath house in the United States was located in… Read More

The Capitol Hill controversy case file


11th Ave and Pine E Street Seattle is a “city of neighborhoods”. A large town born from early settlements that eventually were incorporated into the Emerald City. Capitol Hill (or Broadway Hill as it used to be called until 1900) is one of those neighborhoods. It is known for being the counterculture district, the LGBT… Read More