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Punk is not dead, not even in Florence.

I stand on a corner of Borgo degli Albizi, nose up in the air and dumbfounded, while a multitude of tourists and residents move forward heedless. Last I was in Florence street signs were boring, meant to tell you what you can and can’t do but today they were ambiguous and satirical.      Street… Read More

William Curtis: Vendor of Verses


My parents advised me to attend accounting school to get a secure and predictable job. Their disappointed faces, when I enrolled in art school and followed that up with creative writing, did not stop me. At the University Farmers Market, I’ve met someone who also did not stop walking his own path. I was searching for… Read More

Art in Seattle: Downtown


Found: In a parking lot on 2nd Ave Found: Pioneer square area Found: In a parking lot on 2nd Ave Found: Post Alley – underneath Pike Market Found: Jame Harris Gallery on 2nd Ave Found: Post Alley’s  Gum Wall underneath Pike Market Found: Post Alley’s  Gum Wall underneath Pike Market

Art in Seattle: Capitol Hill

Camera 360

Found: corridor of E Pine and E Pike – E Pine @ 11th ave on the former Value Village wall Found: in the alley of Broadway E @ Olive E – On a wall of former convenient store Bellevue ave E @ Mercer st.E  Found: E Thomas st @ Harvard Ave E      … Read More

Edith Macefield Superstar

Edith Macefield's vacant home in Ballard will soon have a new owner.  The late owner's to sell resonates with people who have left this celebration and memorial to her.

Thursday March 23, 2015.

In the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, there’s a tiny single family home squished between two giant grey buildings, known as the Up House. The 108 year-old house belonged to Edith Macefield, who turned down an offer of allegedly $1 million dollars, to make room for commercial development. The nickname originated when Disney attached balloons to… Read More

Little Nihonmachi Time Capsule


I’ve always been captivated by Japan as I grew up with Japanese cartoons and Japanese culture in general: their tea ceremony, their Lolita style, their obsession with tentacles, all of their art and ALL of their kawaii stuff. So when i heard the last original Japanese bath house in the United States was located in… Read More

Reading is sexy


The first time I walked by one of these little houses I was instantly intrigued. Why have someone built a tiny house and put books in it? Aren’t they afraid of books being stolen? I immediately looked inside to read the titles, timidly grabbed one and put it back at once, fearing an angry person… Read More

The Capitol Hill controversy case file


11th Ave and Pine E Street Seattle is a “city of neighborhoods”. A large town born from early settlements that eventually were incorporated into the Emerald City. Capitol Hill (or Broadway Hill as it used to be called until 1900) is one of those neighborhoods. It is known for being the counterculture district, the LGBT… Read More

Tuh-mey-toh , Tuh-mah-toh

Camera 360

                                   (Italian beers from Elav Brewery We live in a world where globalization rules the planet. International culture is easily accessible to everyone and advertising from big corporations pushes us to consume all the same things. It is virtually… Read More

Battle Star Anderson


Od found this sailboat model at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle. This Capitol Hill Park was reopened in 2005 and named after Calvin B. Anderson, Washington state’s first openly gay legislator. Cal served in Vietnam earning Bronze Star Medals; the sailboat was named Battle Star which is another name for the service pin worn by… Read More