Tuh-mey-toh , Tuh-mah-toh

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                                   (Italian beers from Elav Brewery http://www.elavbrewery.com/en/)

We live in a world where globalization rules the planet. International culture is easily accessible to everyone and advertising from big corporations pushes us to consume all the same things. It is virtually impossible to escape it but it is not impossible to try to have fun with it and to somehow attempt to retain some individuality. So, what better place to start than food!

Iceland was surprisingly fun that way, mixing the American pepperoni obsession with a Latin staple to name this ham and cheese sandwich.

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Salad dressings are a big thang in North America and they go far beyond oil and vinegar. In fact, they come is all colors and flavors and they are usually cream based.

There is the pinkish Thousand Island, a ketchup, mayonnaise mixture with the addition of Worcester Sauce and spices; the orangey sweet vinegar-ketchup French dressing; the red Russian dressing made with cocktail sauce and hot chili and the most loved whitish Ranch dressing.

Americans love this buttermilk-garlic dressing so much that they try to use it as condiment as much as possible, so it is no surprise they even have chips flavored Ranch, which in North America are market it as Cool Ranch.

Apparently Iceland do agree with them so much so,  they renamed this product to glorify their inventors.

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Ever dreamt of meeting Murder She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher? Helping the retired English teacher solve a mystery and then rewarding yourself with some famous Maine’s lobster?

Well, someone in New England did and didn’t stop there. They took the lobster, slathered it in butter and stuffed it in a hot dog bun. BAM! The Lobster Rolls were born! A popular food item in northeast US and Canada which can even be found at McDonald’s as the McLobster Roll.

Driving around Manchester, Maine, we found a place that served them along with Pizza. Although, at this place, the two items were sold separately, one can dare to order them together

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